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Hanover Vegetable Farm


Mulch.. Mulch… Mulch!
It’s that time of year. Spring is here and it’s time to wake the lawn up. No better way to do that than some fresh mulch. Click on our Mulch- Topsoil- Gravel page above for all the prices and pics.

Free delivery for 10 yards or more of any product!


The Market is Open!
Lots of bedding plants, shrubs, trees and beautiful hanging baskets are in the greenhouse.
Fresh Shrimp from Orderup Seafood
Local Pork from Harlow ridge Farm
Jams and Jellies
and much more!
Open 8 am to 6:30 pm 7 days a week

Shrimp, Maters’ and Mug’s Festival (formerly the Hanover Maters’ Corks and Kegs Festival) will be June 22nd. We have revamped this festival and added all you can peel and eat shrimp and a fire works show!

But we will still be celebrating what makes us famous, The Hanover Tomato (Maters’)!

Click on the events below to get your discount tickets and see all the details.


If you are a vendor please email us at for information on how you can become a part of our great festivals.

hanover vegetable farm



Special Events



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Hulafrog's Most Loved Awards

Hanover Vegetable Farm is a Hulafrog's Most Loved Awards 2018 Winner! Check out our profile on Hulafrog and visit our farm to find out why we're a great local destination for kids.

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    Open 7 days a week from 8 am- 6 pm (hours may be dependent on weather)
    Make a trip to the country without going far from the city!
    Located only 10 minutes from Wyndam, 20 minutes from Richmond International Airport and 25 minutes from Chesterfield, County.