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Mulch • Topsoil • Gravel

Why not take a scoop of the farm home with you? Our top-quality double or triple-shredded hard wood mulch and carefully screened topsoil give your garden plants and ornamentals the head start they’ll need for every season.
We also carry River Rock, 57, and Crush and Run. Whether you are a homeowner looking to enhance your home’s landscaping, or a professional on a tight budget and deadline – Hanover Vegetable Farm has mountains of the best quality mulch and topsoil.

All products are sold by the yard. 4 yard minimum for delivery.
FREE DELIVERY ON 15 YARDS OR MORE! ($40 del fee on orders from 4-9 yards, $20 del fee on 10-14 yards)
Landscapers and other professionals please visit our office for commercial discounts.

Hardwood Mulches - sold by the yard

Photo (click to enlarge)TypePrice
Double shredded$27.95
Triple shredded$32.95
Dyed - Brown$34.95
Dyed - Black$34.95

Topsoil Compost - sold by the yard

Screened topsoil (blended with compost and hummus)$33.95 a yard
Compost (manure)$17.95 a yard or
$160.00 + tax full load/10yards+ delivery
Fill Dirt (mixed soils)$17.95 a yard or
$160.00 + tax full load/10yards + delivery
Organic Compost$37.95 a yard

Gravel and Sand - sold by the yard

Photo (click to enlarge)TypePrice
Gray Gravels
- #57
- Crush and Run
- Rock Dust
- Crushed Asphalt
#57 - $36.95/ton
Crush and Run - $32.95/yard
Rock Dust - $32.95/yard
Crushed Asphalt-

River Rocks
(please note that because these are natural products, color may vary. It is recommended you come and look at it before ordering.)

Small River Rock - dime sized (white/yellow)
Pea Gravel - pea sized

Rainforest River Rock
Small (grey tones)
Large (grey tones)
River Rock and Pea Gravel $79.95/yard

Rainforest River Rock
$99.95 /yard
Brown Beach Sand
(used in sand boxes and brick mortar)
Field Stone (due to the variety, it is required that you come pick it out)$189.00 and up per pallet,
there is a minimum $40 delivery charge on all Field Stone